Painting the Living Room and Installing our 8′ Oversized Designer Fan!

My cousin Kira came down again to help us with our living room painting job. This was the biggest room of all to paint. Many hands make light of work, as they say.

Team Painting the Great Room – Lots to Be Done!

Everyone chipped in a little, including Sebastian. We painted the walls, and the entire ceiling. I had to rebuild three vents within the cupola that were still boarded up from the hurricanes (Maria and Irma) that blew them out before I purchased the home so we could finish the ceiling. I will be covering that rebuild in a future post as I have more to do on the back bedroom cupola currently still.

To get up into the lattice work, I needed a tall extension ladder, extended about 18-20′. It’s pretty high when you’re up there – not going to lie.

Shaleece Painting the Wall
Shaleece Painting the Wall

By the end of the week – we were able to hang our prize jewel – the 8′ ceiling fan. This thing is amazing and puts off a great amount of air. It’s remote controlled and can both pull air up into the cupola to be ejected out of the vents, or blow air down on us creating a very nice indoor breeze.

8' Minka Air Fan
8′ Minka Air Fan
8' Minka Air Fan
8′ Minka Air Fan
Mmmmm… Air

I’ve had a few other small projects that popped up as well. I replaced the entry doors in The View with the french doors that Dave and I didn’t get around to last time he was here, and I also replaced and plumbed a new water pressure tank in the house.

2 Thoughts to “Painting the Living Room and Installing our 8′ Oversized Designer Fan!

  1. I Was so happy to find your blog as we were preparing to make a move to St Croix. It has MORE than helpful in getting a fair idea of what we are getting ourselves into as we look for our own “fixer upper”.
    Though your mermaid availability wasn’t congruent with out previous visit, I would have loved the opportunity to stay in your lovely home.
    We are now ON ISLAND and seeking our own piece of paradise…lThanks so much for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Michelle! So glad our blog has helped in your move! I hope you’re enjoying island life. We are almost done with the house inside. (I’m behind in articles) So I look forward to getting back to the beach myself! Let me know if you have any questions or need contacts on island!

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