Installing New Doors at Windchime Estates

The following took place in March of 2019

Dave’s last trip down a few months ago was a tough one on us. We literally were cutting through 10” of poured concrete with a 17” concrete saw. It was not easy work. Dave is a machine. It’s no wonder why he is probably reconsidering another trip down. I may have over-extended my ask of him last time. None the less we plowed through and got a few french doors installed in The View. I owe Dave a huge favor.

Dave with the Concrete Saw
Dave with the Concrete Saw
Here I am Wielding the Beast

I’ve got another set to do, but we had some glass break on one and it took them 4 months to repair it, so it’s still waiting to be installed. I plan to get to it next week. There is one more window to be replaced in there as well, which I will also tackle. Then some plastering and finishing. It all has to be done quickly, as we have our first AirBnB guests since KC moved out arriving mid August in the View.

Installed, Just Needs Finish Work

The doors we put in were also made by Airmaster. I referenced in my windows post the issues we’ve been having with the handles on the East side of the house. They are showing rust already. This is the ocean view side where the wind whips in from and rain constantly batters agains the house. The other handles on other doors are not showing the light rusting yet, but they don’t get beat nearly as much by the rains from the Eastern Tradewinds. I will let you know how the Brasso works out when we get to polishing them.

A Little Plaster and Paint Needed Inside

The doors turned out nice. Large viewing windows at the top really set off The View, and the jalousie bottom halves allow the breeze to blow through the house. They are the perfect mix I think and exactly what was needed. These doors have been put in rather than windows on the East side of the house because the plan is to have them open to the pool patio once it is complete. At that point The View will be the best spot in the house for a guest. A one bedroom apartment poolside with a view. It doesn’t get any better.

My brother also came and visited, and we replaced the back door upstairs to our back patio. He got a taste of a bit of the concrete home construction Dave and I were doing. 🙂 I’m not sure he enjoyed it. But it turned out great!

Chris Doing Some Demo

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