We’ve Decided to Build in the Virgin Islands, Are We Crazy?

Well, after two and a half years of looking for a home or villa to buy, and coming across nothing that fit our lifestyle, budget, wants, needs, locations and desires, we have finally decided to move forward with building on St. Croix. Prices of homes have gone up nearly 20% in the last couple of years, and even more concerning is that homes priced between $400k-$750k seem nonexistent when you add the simple request of a pool and a view.

We got our hands on a handy little book called the Owner Builder Book, which has really opened our minds up to the fact that we can possibly do this. By acting as our own general contractor we may be able to save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands on building our home ourselves. We realize it costs more to build on the islands, so those savings may be a wash in comparison to a build back home on the mainland – but none the less they will be savings down in the islands.

Against all sound reasoning we really think we’re going to be able to do it. We know we may end up over budget. We realize we will take longer than most houses built in the U.S. to accomplish, as all things do on the island. We realize it could potentially place stress on our relationship, finances, and tarnish our view of our little piece of paradise – yet we have decided to venture forward so we have a place to call home, even if we don’t enjoy it for years to come from now. So yes, I guess we’re crazy in a way, but something in the back of our minds say this is the right move for us.

We are starting this blog today because all the talk for the last few weeks has become real. Today I spent the day taking pictures of things we’re going to be listing for sale on eBay (like my beloved synths and studio gear), while yesterday we valued the car and boat which I’m selling against their loan values to pay down their debt, free up cash flow, and get ready to move. We will be moving into a rental place in St. Croix by the end of the year so we can be down on the island daily for the build.

Posts may be fewer and farther between in the beginning, but I’ll try to keep up with content as much as I can without boring you guys!

Wish us luck!

Will and Shaleece

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