Looking for Land for Sale on St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

The good news is since St. Croix is part of the United States Virgin Islands, the process for buying and selling property remains similar and protected under U.S. Law.  It’s one of the few places this far down in the Caribbean that you have all the protection of the U.S. Government. It makes the whole thing a bit easier than going out of the country. I’m used to the Real Estate laws here so that’s good.

While we’ve worked with about four different Realtors over the course of the last two years looking for homes to buy, we figured we’d try and find yet another recommended Realtor to help us in our hunt for land. Not because any of the previous Realtors did a bad job (we know there’s a housing supply issue), just that different Realtors continue to give us different insight and opinions that have been helping to shape our direction and decisions on how to move ourselves down to St. Croix.

We found a woman named Patrice Kelly who came recommended from someone we met on www.vimovingcenter.com who is helping us with our land hunt. Already we’ve got a couple good candidates for what we eventually want to do. The criteria is: 1-3 acres, easily build-able, a not too steep slope, up on the mountain side, with a view of the ocean, on the North or West shorelines of the island. Options right now are ranging anywhere from $60k-$100k which we’re considering, and while that’s not cheap, they say the views are worth a million dollars. 😉

We’re not supposed to go back to St. Croix until the very end of November, but if we find a serious piece of land I may go down for a quick trip sooner as not to loose the opportunity. The real estate market has been on fire down there lately, and things can sell quick if they are the right deal.

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4 Thoughts to “Looking for Land for Sale on St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

  1. This is so cool, I feel like I’m in the process with you guys! So are you just shopping by pictures of the land then since you won’t be there till November?

    1. Definitely photos are helping to ensure there is a “view” – but just as important as the view, we’re looking at the buildable area of the listing (to see if it’s rated as excellent or good), the slope of the hill, acreage, and price to narrow down some options. Whether it’s cleared or not or in an HOA… Of course, the area is important too and we know the island pretty well since we’ve been there. Also, whether power is close by and will be an easy run to the house is also important. Lots to consider really, a lot of which you can get from the listing!

  2. I’m selling .48 acres in LaVallee for $35,000. Ocean view, neighborhood association to help keep up roads, right above Cane Bay, best diving on the island. Patrice Kelley is my realtor in STX. You can contact me at springrobin2@gmail.com

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for the note. I will be sure to ask about the property. We are looking for something a bit bigger than a half acre though since we plan on building a guest house as well. Do you have a link to the MLS listing?

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