Seeking the Perfect Land Lot on St. Croix

Today was a good day. We started at K-Mart to grab a few things for the house, and then headed to our favorite spot on the island, Norma’s Domino Club in the rain forest. At this place, the pigs drink beer. No joke. After a couple of drinks ourselves, we headed to the West End to take a look at a few properties that were on our list and meet Doane, our Realtor. We parked at a spot on the beach to wait for her at the end of the of the road leading from the rain forest.  Unfortunately the properties out on the West side were very vertical, hillside, which would make it hard to build. Although the views were incredible and the sunsets would be amazing. We proceeded then to follow Doane to the North shore to take a look at a couple more, one of which isn’t listed on the MLS.

Jeep in the SandThat’s the great thing about having a realtor like Doane – I know I’ve talked about this lady in multiple posts now as one of the best realtors out there who goes out of her way, but really she is! She showed us a lot that used to be on the market back in 2009, of which she knows the owner.  She had contacted him before to sell off other lots when they weren’t listed, and got them sold to her buyers successfully.  She kept saying “it’s exactly what you’re looking for. This is the one.” and we think she was right.  The thing is, there isn’t much on the market right now, so having an “in” is really helping to find what we’re looking for.

Mt. PleasantAt least out of all the properties we looked at today, her “not listed” property is our prime choice.  It’s the top crest of a hill off the North shore, so there is a lot of gentle slope for a great build (unlike steep cliffs which cost a lot from an excavation standpoint.)  The property will be great for both a main house and a guest house with a large outdoor pool area – and room for a future horse barn if we end up getting a horse.  It’s a total of 1.6 acres, which is a little smaller than I originally thought we wanted but the location and views are superb.  You can literally see the North coast line AND the South shore from the top of the hill.  360 degree views of the ocean!  It could be an incredible space.

Mt. PleasantWe left each other today with Doane saying she would text the owner’s previous Realtor. She’s planning to strike up a conversation to see where his head’s at, and if he’s still looking to sell it. Will the owner be reasonable from a pricing stand point? To be continued…

Shaleece Wins!

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3 Thoughts to “Seeking the Perfect Land Lot on St. Croix

  1. My wife and I own a lot further up on scenic dr. as well. I just finished reading your entire blog and see you didn’t end up building after Maria. But what you’re doing looks amazing! We have hopes and dreams to build on our lot in maybe 12 years – fingers crossed. Really enjoyed reading your blog and good luck with the pool and remodeling.

    1. Hi Stefan! Thanks! Be sure to look me up when you come and visit. I’m happy to provide you with some more insight. Building after the storms would have been incredibly time consuming and expensive. The contractors are still charging outrageous rates. This on top of the already expensive proposition to build here in the first place since everything has to be brought in and there is limited skilled labor. If the storms wouldn’t have come through, we for sure would have built… but we got too good of a deal to pass up. I look forward to meeting you someday!

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