Not Many Lenders Out There Lending for Land on St. Croix

Scotiabank never returned my call about financing. I called them back and found out they aren’t doing land loans or construction loans at this time.  That leaves two options out of the list of 10 I started with, Bank of St. Croix and Banco Popular.  I still don’t have land loan information from Bank of St. Croix though.  I think I’m going to go ahead and get pre-qualified with Banco Popular so we can get the process moving. It doesn’t mean I have to close a loan with them and can still check through Bank of St. Croix when and if they get back to me.

Carlos sent me the names of a couple other guys to talk to regarding the house.  One’s a contractor who owns the forms to do the concrete and steel shell of the house including the cisterns, and the other is an excavator and land clearer to help me clear the lot.  I’ve left messages with both of them and hope to get in touch with them soon to start reeling in a rough budget.

Right now we’re so focused on the move that very little is happening in regards to planning of the house.  We may have selected a Jeep, it’s my first experience planning for shipping between 3 islands and working with multiple logistics companies to get it there.  I better get used to that!  It’s on St. John so it first has to go to St. Thomas, and then to St. Croix.

Garage sale at our Orlando house next Friday by the way.  Lots of things going up for sale!  Come get some!

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