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I’ve gotten several questions so far on how to follow our blog. I never realized people were going to be so interested in this! That’s awesome!

All blogs have an “RSS” feed which syndicates the content.  In our case, our feed is located here:

If you click that link, you’ll notice that it looks like a bunch of code.  That’s because RSS Feeds are meant for RSS Feed Readers.  There are all sorts of apps out there, some for your phone, some for your laptop, and even some online based tools.

Here’s a great article I found which outlines some options for RSS readers, which you can start to explore and add our feed to (

Once you’ve done that, any new article we post will show up in your feed reader.  You can add all sorts of other blogs as well you come across that you like.  Usually if you just type /rss or /feed after the main blog domain name, you’ll find their RSS feed.  Major companies have them too, so you can start streaming all the things you care about in one place, like news outlets CNN or Fox, Mashable, Techcrunch, or ANYONE with a WordPress blog.

Of course, you can always just bookmark our website and come back to it, or follow me on Social Media as I’ll be posting our articles pretty regularly on Facebook.


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